Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Zombie Zoo (We are currently all in)

"All down the street they're standin' in line with white lipstick and one thing on their mind. Hey little freak with the lunch pail purse. Underneath the paint you're just a little girl.

She disappears at sunrise, I wonder where she goes until the night comes fallin' down again she shows up with her friends half-alive.

You can make a big impression or go through life unseen. You might wind up restricted and over seventeen. It's so hard to be careful, so easy to be led somewhere beyond the pavement you'll find the living dead"

This is some lyrics of Tom Petty's song "zombie zoo". Yet shockingly to most, I believe we are all we all are participants in a bizarre and surreal type of "zombie zoo", either we are walking spiritually dead human beings or regenerated spirits renewed with the inner workings of the Holy Spirit.

In CS Lewis book "Till we have faces" the king of Glome sacrifices his beloved daughter to the gods in order to appease them. He gives up his prettiest and most well liked daughter. She describes her experience to her sister on the morning where she is to be carried up to the mountain and tied to a pole as this: "I wasn't in my right mind when we left the palace. Before the two temple girls began painting and dressing me they gave me a sweet, sticky stuff to drink--a drug, as I guess--for soon after I had swallowed it , everything went dreamlike, and the painting on my face helped the dreaminess too. It made my face stiff till it didn't seem to be my own face, I couldn't feel it was I who was being sacrificed. And then the music and incense and the torches made it more so. I saw you, Orual at the top of the stairwell, but I couldn't even lift a hand to wave to you; my arms were as heavy as lead. And in a sense, it was wasn't it? You'd think the cold air would have given me my mind back when we came out of the grass gates, but the drug must have been still coming to its full power. I had no fear, joy either. Sitting there on that litter up above the heads was a strange enough experience anyway. I began to know that something dreadful was being done to me. Then for the first time I tried to call out I tried to speak that I was just poor Istra., it couldn't be me they meant to kill. "Give her some more" the priest with the a bird headed mask called out. They then put a sweet sticky cup to my lips again."

Now I wanted to use Tom Petty's song and this short script to tie together some of the enemies deceptive schemes. Who is really inside the mask? The veil we all put on that causes so much chaos, identity crisis and upheaval within. Who is this one who "paints on faces to help dreaminess til it makes ones face stiff and no longer even seem our own?" The one puppet master orchestrating the show? Satan will try his best to throw a very convincing pitch line "this world and it's surface level materialism is all that's real" his convincing arguments are not very unlike doctoring up the troll to make it seem less menacing, or the disguised wolf in little red riding hood; the world and its careless frivolities seem so innocuous and harmless, like "dolled up zombies" with decay and death lying dormant underneath the pent up facade. He tries his damnedest to convince us we are in control of our own destinies---even that we will one day live forever in a better world--- just get through this current biological freak show, this maize of difficulties will lead you to a better home, just believe in YOURSELF, you are awesome, just will your way to beat this cancer, this pain, this guilt is merely your conscious playing tricks on you, let your heart be the compass of your soul--- while all around us bodies are failing, friends are dying, wars are raging and chaos is reigning. There are many ploys the enemy uses to lull us into a spiritual slumber until that day overtakes us as a "thief in the night". Drugs, alcohol, sexual manipulations, political power struggles, surround us all. Many of us are not in our right mind in this place. I can attest to this. My mind wanders back to a house full of strobe lights, a tightly packed crowd of sweaty youths that moved in harmony with slurred speech, words of songs that seemed to come out now as gibberish, people moseying about with intoxicated smiles pasted across faces, when your drunk, high or strung out it can be hard to focus on these kind of details.

Rock shows, sleazy night clubs, provocative college bars, seedy underworlds become like a like a seedy pastime, giggles, flirts feels with drug induced chatter, with nameless ladies slithering around this way and that. Excessive cesspools backrooms and private balconies over crowds, the kind of venues that sell glowing liquids in test tubes. Life can easily become a real freak show if you let it. Eyes have to learn to adjust to the constant spinning and spiraling of lights that dance to beats from a dozen different DJ booths. The human body can even come to accept the affects of intense psychedelic drugs as the normal state of things.

What does the enemy offer us but cheap fixes and drugs of choice as solutions to deep rooted emotional and psychological problems? categorized types of narcotics in abundant supply, well organized yet uncatalogued types of acid, a few forms of ecstasy, premier joints of high grade marijuana, a baggie or two of chemically perfected crystal meth, black tar heroine and to top it all off a good pinch of powder cocaine. The end result is we all find ourselves with horrible hangovers and vivid recollections of unsolicited boozy blurs and raunchy nights. Yet always craving more...

We all have been there, some of us have sunk deeper and plummeted further into this downward spiral of addictions and the result is always, dissatisfaction, anger, self-hatred, bitterness, regret, sorrow, pain and misery, so with all these side affects we live for that ever elusive high, that same octane high that once brought such an ecstatic state of emotional well being. Yet it will never be obtained, the first time is like you biting on Satans bait, you saw the enticing lure, you want to feel great, peer pressure and persuasion convince you to take a bite out of that. There it is right at eye level, everyone's doing it, after all I deserve this its been a stressful week "what the hell" All at once *whomph* and you think I really got something there--the demon on the other end of the line as he sets the hook and reels is saying "I was thinking the same thing".

Jesus mentions that he cannot tempt one to sin but all are tempted when they are "lured" and "enticed" by their own desire. To this I would say "who is doing the luring and enticing?" In order to be lured and enticed you have to have "lure-er" and "enticer". Demons and their gangs have been observing us since the creation of the first man, they take note of certain behavioral patterns, invoke generational curses through the bloodlines and assist in destructive behavioral patterns. Satan wants to cleverly dupe and manipulate as many souls as possible to share his fiery fate with him, so he uses, short tricks and thrills, addictive substances and narcissistic behavioral patterns to help him in his mission.

What is the pitch Satan? When all men are deceived and cleverly manipulated, you will get your kingdom? His crime is the same one that condemns all mankind: "they listened to him"

Satans biggest blow is when the Son of Man was born into the world. Like the "scapegoat" in the popular show "Arrow" who was so promised he would receive his daughters freedom if he went in front of the camera to national news and convinced them this current nuclear crisis was all his fault, when he was in fact innocent. He was dolled up for the part, dressed up in the enemy countries clothing and pronounced to the national media in front of myriads of cameras that he was the one who orchestrated the current missile crises and national devastation to his native homeland. Once he did that and the cameras stopped rolling they immediately shot him between the eyes, then they killed his daughter soon after. Satan in the same way has no use for us and sees us as pawns on a chessboard. Once we put on he enemies clothing, buy into the lie, hook line and sinker, the promise of eternal splendor and honor...then we are just puppets, duped prospects if you will, following blindly his bidding... They are all conduits if you will to work out his sinister will.

In the same way Jesus took on the garment of our manhood, became our scapegoat and stood in the way of his fathers wrath and said "I did it, it was me. It's all my fault" as long as you absolve these people and "let them go their way".

Movies are strewn throughout with a redemptive "heroic" element to them. At the ending and stirring climax of I-Robot. Will Smith is standing behind the glass with tears in his eyes screaming "You are sick!" I have the cure!" Yet those cries fell on deaf ears, they were all blind zombies who could not understand. He then sacrifices himself with a grenade, while giving away the cure. That to me is a huge Christ-like analogy.

I want you to know...no matter who you are.. that God is very, very Real.... and He loves you more than you can even know.... As people we have trouble understanding what that love is, and also not fully understanding what the love of God Himself is. Jesus used countless analogies and parables throughout his time on earth. I like to us the zombie analogies to help understand depravity, try to picture a bloodthirsty carnivorous freak, just see it in your mind for a second, okay, spiritually speaking that's you, a spiritual apocalypse is sweeping across our nation, the enemy is using deception and illusions, lulling many into a spiritual slumber, even in something as innocent as Disney the illuminati, warped illusions and hidden agendas are clear, the more you look into it. Basically, we're all not right in the head the sin virus has infiltrated our central nervous system. We only wish to devour another, many times this is not physical, we feast on peoples failures. It's mental, psychological not always tangible but we do attack others in order to gain ill conceived nourishment. In the pre-flood days there were giants and hybrid angels that would literally rape the woman and consume the men, this is not fantasy this was reality. Without God we have a complete apocalyptic nightmare as it is quoted "watch out that you are not consumed by one another" I doubt this is referring to physical consummation. Yet God gave us a conscious an innate knowledge of right and wrong so we will be aware of our deeds, without that conscious we are all spiritual zombies. 

There is so many more but I would like to conclude with this, it is the end of my story, but its not a story I made up, deeper subliminal hints echo of a deeper truth that this life is not a mere accident or a joke. And time is running out for all of us. Thanks be to God and Our lord Jesus though for giving us the victory.

"Human life has always been lived on the edge of a precipice, it has always existed under the shadow of something infinitely more important than itself" -CS Lewis

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