Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Deception

        It is my strong belief that God really is, the very definition of God is the intelligent existence holding the entire fabric of universe together, to the air you breathe around you, to the love you see in others; yet, you, I and everyone "living" is bound to this dying place and its broken systems in our biological bodies. Thus, your soul and your flesh are both struggling to go two very different directions. This system "negative energy" a separated (quarantined) system. It is a system under the control of the prince of this world and those with him whose time of CHOICE has passed. While unconnected and in this flesh, we are all under the thumb of the things we cannot see. the world around and even our own flesh can be compared to a bicycle going downhill that can and will gain speed until such point that it reaches a velocity, that without outside intervention, will ultimately meet with disaster of one form or another. This is the default setting. The automated direction that mankind blindly moves when God's light of all that is, was, or remains to come involving that indwelling connection to Him are willfully, or even subconsciously, cast aside in the great pursuit of the sin which may indeed summarize all sin: Self-will. In the grandness of all the stars, the solar systems, the world within worlds, the great beyond and all that which this feeble human mind would shutter to understand, we are such a speck; a tiny, tiny speck. We, and when I say we, I really mean I as well as everyone else have fancied ourselves as little kings, self-important, self-proclaimed gods to which all should bow to recognize our trite conquests, trials, problems and achievements. It is like a drop of water telling the ocean how important it is. But God despite all that still strives to connect with us, trying to undo this curse with incredible care and patience. The programmer is undoing the virus from within.

    This world is eternity's pit stop and heaven will make Disneyland look like a Honeybucket. God says I've made a place for you that will supersede even your wildest dreams and imaginations. But to understand a Way Out, in order to get there we have no choice but to understand where we are "NOW." Let me introduce you to the "spiritual ghetto," the dark end of eternity's street. This is simply the world you and I were born into, the "testing ground." Perhaps the place the Programmer sorts out the parts that He wishes to keep most. It was at our conception that we made the CHOICE that our Maker has tried to undo with incredible care, patience and self-sacrifice. You see, it was the first of our kind that invited in the virus that is this present darkness; turning our cradle into this quarantine. The program, once perfect, is now infected. It is a hollow shell, dying a piece at a time. Most things here will never escape. Worse still, there comes an hour on the horizon when this hollow cancer, and everything confined inside of it, will be herded into an even smaller cage. In that cage, those who were not pulled from this place by connection to their Creator will be as spiritual infants in the unfriendly claws of ancient things; pleasure puppets for condemned beasts. Make no mistake, you have been born into a very hostile and dangerous place

    A spiritual apocalypse is sweeping across our nation, the enemy is using deception and illusions, lulling many into a spiritual slumber, even in something as innocent as Disney; the more you look into it, the illuminatis warped illusions and hidden agendas are clear. Basically, we're all not right in the head the sin virus has infiltrated our central nervous system. We only wish to devour another, and what I am telling you is this is not physical. We feast on peoples failures. It's mental, psychological not always tangible but we do attack others in order to gain ill conceived nourishment. In the pre-flood days there were giants and hybrid angels that would literally rape the woman and consume the men, this is not fantasy, this was reality. Without God we have a complete apocalyptic nightmare as it is quoted "watch out that you are not consumed by one another" I doubt this is referring to physical consummation.  without a God given conscious of right and wrong we are all spiritual zombies.

   We are all entering a time frame nowdays where many people are "ultra religious", where there is a good degree of superstition, everything is spiritualized. However being ultra religious isn't always a good thing. The Pharisees were ultra religious. This day and age there is extreme curiosity about things of supernatural origin. I've watched Trey Smiths recent documentaries on entities, and if you haven't seen it go to his YouTube channel and watch it. People really talk to these things. Not just "hey this guy said this I think I heard that", "I think there's a weird thing over there" "look it moved on the table" because as that cup is scooting across and we are on this side playing games, it's not. It's got an objective and the thing (entity) whatever it is you want to call it operates like a computer virus. It's trying to "plug in and make entrance" it's main motion isn't moving chips on a Ouija board or cups across a table. Now I think it's important to be said to find out the backdrop and interweave that into what they are trying to do. "What is it always saying?" Look at the correlations. The question is "why is it moving the cup?" It's main mode of operation is not cup sliding but through people --the human mind. The bible is redundant on this "bringing every thought captive" because the mind is like a computer box which outsiders can make entrance "hey, listen hey this is what you really need" and then we line that with what Christ says. Now the objective of a virus is for something to take control of the system and to destroy the property of the system-to subvert it if you will. That's what those pushy thoughts originate from, now why would your mind convince you to do something--why would you convince you?? Are you not you? So what's doing the marketing? There's more I could go into with this. But all I want to leave you with is this: spiritual warfare is very real. This isn't Genesis 6 stuff, they're influencing all of us and largely unnoticed. This is one of the first generations in history that doesn't understand this as common knowledge, I mean they've been practicing this stuff for centuries and lately the sales pitch has been "Gods not real this world and it's surface level materialism is all there is". Yet I want to tell you in truth, it is my hearts desire to lay this before your eyes and inform you that there is a daily struggle being waged over your mind your will your emotions and most importantly like the hard drive to a computer system "your soul". That thing on the other side that is making the cup slide is just thrilled to death we would even give it the time of day. Yet we KNOW the God of the universe the very thing it also fears the most and I'm telling you that thing has nothing to offer you--except side effects and more problems like a little 14 yr old in your house who keeps using the last of the toilet paper and won't go get a job.

    Lastly I wanted to share this: most psychologists would agree that we as people emulate the personality traits of those who we spend the most time around. If we spend alot of time with Jesus we will begin to behave and even act like him. This is why long distance relationships are hard. God isn't out there so far that you have to pick up the phone and hope don't get a busy signal or have to leave another voicemail, we send these quick text messages of prayer like requests without understanding every thought and desire you experience He is not surprised by. He already knows you yet he  doesn't want a 'long-distance relationship, He wants a personal, deep heartfelt one, where every desire is cast at the foot of the cross and every ill-conceived thought of doubt, anger and fear is cast at the foot of the cross. Who wants us to experience a love so vast, so wide and so deep that all he says is "give me your sins" I will carry them myself all the way the way to Calvary all to cure your heart and minds. Do you know him? Because you got to have him. 

"I want you to matter who you are.. that God is very, very Real.... and He loves you more than you can even know.... As people we have trouble understanding what that love is, and also not fully understanding what the love of God Himself is" -Trey Smith.  

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