Thursday, June 29, 2017

It's not about RELIGION

What are your ideas of christianity? A book filled with a bunch of stories? A savior with fair skin and long brown hair holding lambs? Or a building with institutionalized norms of how to live? All these are mostly false representations of religion. It is my strong belief that God really is, the very definition of God is the intelligent existence holding the entire fabric of universe together, to the air you breathe around you, to the love you see in others; yet, you, I and everyone "living" is bound to this dying place and its broken systems in our biological bodies. Thus, your soul and your flesh are both struggling to go two very different directions. This system of "negative energy" is a separated (quarantined) system. It is a system under the control of the prince of this world and those with him whose time of CHOICE has passed. While unconnected and in this flesh, we are all under the thumb of the things we cannot see. the world around and even our own flesh can be compared to a bicycle going downhill gaining speed until it reaches a velocity, that without outside intervention, will ultimately meet with disaster of one form or another. This is the default setting. The automated direction that mankind blindly moves when God's light of all that is, was, or remains to come, an indwelling connection to Him are willfully, or even subconsciously, cast aside in the great pursuit of the sin which may indeed summarize all sin: Self-will. And unless a saving figure intervenes and absorbs that inevitable shock at the bottom then we are destined to ride the downward spiral toward  oblivion. In the grandness of all the stars, the solar systems, the world within worlds, the great beyond and all that which this feeble human mind would shutter to understand, we are such a speck; a tiny, tiny speck. We, and when I say we, I really mean "I" as well as everyone else have fancied ourselves as little kings, self-important, self-proclaimed gods to which all should bow to recognize our trite conquests, trials, problems and achievements. It is like a drop of water telling the ocean how important it is. But God despite all this still strives to connect with us. The programmer is still at work salvaging a part of the program by interjecting His own blood into a system infected with a deadly serum (the sin virus) it is wildly contagious and affects is all. Yet the great architect behind all things, is on the move, undoing this cosmic curse with incredible care and patience.

I've often wondered with perplexity : if God is the all-consuming power, why are so few are saved? Does he want this ratio? Jesus said MANY people will seek to enter Heaven, but will not be able. Most of the people in the world today want to go to Heaven, i.e., to go to a better place; but they love their sin-habits too much to come to Christ for salvation... "For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved." I've heard people that say "yeah I beleive in God, He died for me, that was real, but when asked if they've been born-again christian. They have literally said, "I'm not ready for that." And the reasoning "I love the women in my life, or I want to live life how I want, unrestricted, basically, I'm not willing to change my  lifestyle." Yet God doesn't expect you to make lifestyle changes once you're saved because that is impossible to do without him. The more you get closer to God, the less desirable these worldly things become, the more you realize true freedom is in following God because it is liberating and not oppressive. One of the devils greatest lies was convincing mankind he was free while forcing him to put the shackles on binding and controlling their instincts to every corrupting way of the world. I'm not here saying I'm the holy man, cause I'm not, in fact the reason I'm writing this is because that was me and still many times is me. I was angry, angry that God is just plucking a few out of the masses of humanity while the rest suffer unending punishment, I was tired of the battle of self denial the what I considered a self-flagellating lifestyle of denying your selfish impulses. Essentially though I think that's the reason so few are saved, because so few want to be saved, so many want to let their pride govern their way of living and choose the praise of people over the praise of God, Yet this world is a gift, your body is a gift, you were a created being. God isn't up in Heaven masochistically saying "oh praise me praise me" like He needs that. He's perfectly happy without that or you, but He knows you can only be really happy with HIM, yet apart from him an exchange takes place. WE are inherently created to worship something. It's in our very nature, similar to a hose one cannot shut off, and when God is not the focal point, a horrid EXCHANGE transmits energy back to self. People worship the human-physique, music, motion pictures, news personalities, celebrity figures, all these are the EXCHANGE from GOD that takes place and pulls our desires away by redirecting the current of our praise into abasement.  Now even the angry, unpleasant human beings that seemingly have all these gifts and wealth are benefiting from God. He showers out blessings on the earth like rainfall ,so that they'll have no excuse. We were created in a such a way, that we are INNATELY drivin' by desires to make much of and worship something else, either a certain movie star, body type, personality, money, we strive for means of happiness outside of ourselves because down deep we know we cant find it in ourselves! 

That should say something about us, even in movies you see the need for a savior, (batman taking the grenade for helpless gotham, Leonidas taking the famous stand, dying so that Sparta can be free, Harry Potter dying so that Hogswart could be free) Well there was one hero these stories, novels and values are pointing to and so desperately attempting to understand the kind of joy and satisfaction from a powerful force that sacrifices for the many. Even among the pharisee's there were those who knew who this was they were crucifying but they craved the praise of people over God, which is what so many of us crave, so they got rid of him, Jesus was in the way of that. He convicted them of their wrongdoing and this infuriated them, how many of us are in that same exact boat? If more people really understood how sickening and horrific sin is, more people would seek the all powerful assistance of the Almighty God in their lives.

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