Sunday, December 11, 2016

Judge and Jury

   I  have a short story to share with you all. For those of you who don't think I share enough...well I actually don't think those people exist. You can't say my heart is not in the right place however. Here's my story: it was a dark and stormy night when I was apprehended near Cle-Elum, WA and the rest of that night I actually don't care to share, we can gloss over many details, those particulars I would rather reveal with you at a bar over a pint of beer: I should have froze to death that night. Soon after that nightmare there were court dates, the first time I showed up. I noticed a rag-tag group of people who looked lost and confused. However when I walked in and said my name the attorney looked at me and said "he's with me" I got this one. A fresh wave of relief spread over me, the work was already done. You know I had a moment of realization, an epiphany of sorts; on that great day when we are all are judged for our deeds in the body, we are going to want a good lawyer to represent us. The best one is available at a free price right now. For the time will come for me to give an account, when my life is laid out before me I am sure I will be amazed at the list of transgressions. After a lengthy rendition in a long drawn out manner, my offenses are listed off by the accuser of the brethren before the most high. 

   After what seemed like an eternity of my standing before there, forced to re-live my many moments of shame when I lived in error--I was beginning to feel extremely uncomfortable. In this hour, there was no shortage of hideous things: In multitudes and dark masses, they had formed a barricade around me, wedging me off from access to the throne in a direct affront of isolation. I was shaking with fear, the trial was not going well. Hells fires were smoking in the background, and my only option is to plead guilty, in this moment however a loud voice emerges from amidst the crowded courtroom "enough!"  Jesus steps forward in that moment with an "objection your honor", "He's with me" I got his case, he was assigned to me before time began, he didn't even select me for his representative, but I picked up the case, here "my perfect life" look at my deeds instead of his, he'll have me represent him for his life because he had faith, here's where he believed in me, here, and here and also here. It is enough. He is innocent. I paid for his eternal life. 

  We all get to choose who we want to represent us on that courtroom day, ourselves, Satan, Jesus, whatever law or moral code we live by will be our attorney to represent us. If it's just you representing yourself, I'm telling you right now, that is not a good idea and you are in trouble. The judge would look at these people in court and say "you have no idea what you're up against, you need to be educated on the nature of your crime, the lingo is heavy, and deep". When we are going to give account of our lives, do you feel good with the one you've selected?

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