Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Deception

    How many of you see reality as the end all-be-all of existence? As this realm, subject to sensory interpretation being the essence of all that is real? In my mind it is not, but a mere counterfeit copy of what was intended. Like taking a picture of the grand canyon with a poor quality flip-phone and attempting to prove how amazing that experience was to outsiders based on the image conveyed on that phone. There is something lacking. Something you cannot fully describe. The picture itself does not explain your feelings in that moment, the wind whisping through your hair, the colorful backdrop coupled with a fragrant scent lingering in the air. The wind whispering through the leafless trees.The feeling of awestruck inspiration, the splendor of the moment cannot fully be duplicated unless you were there.

This leads me to the deception..

    I was greatly moved the first time I watched the matrix as a child, the reason being the subliminal underlying truths it conveyed. As to the horrors of a world cleverly manipulated by machines, duping the prospects therein to believe reality was the matrix; while as the few enlightened ones, at much sacrifice to themselves were toiling with all their energy to uncover the thick spidery web and sordid underbelly of the worlds deceptions. There is a war going on all around us and thousands of souls are getting won or lost on the daily. You will frequently be engaged in conflicts that wage war against your soul. The point of being deceived is you do not know you are being deceived. We are all under the spell of a sinister puppet master. One whose power has been broken, but who nonetheless is a diabolical force to be reckoned with, his schemes contain nothing but the vilest of intentions. His aim is your perdition, an enemy of the soul. 

   We all at some point in our lives have those moments: glimpses of the divine, a glimpse of the grand canyon with a full moon at night, an experience of a beautiful sunset over an ocean shoreline while the waves lap in harmonious fashion in the distance, then the veil returns and we are back again to the mundane hum-drum of life. To fighting over whose toothbrush got used unceremoniously for cleaning a toilet and why there is still shaving cream left over in the sink the next morning. Sin shrouds what was once vividly apparent. For we all wear masks today, to conceal hidden underlying emotions, thoughts and ideas. Yet what if that mask was ripped off, and you were exposed, every thought becoming a reality, when thoughts become reality I picture that world as a dreamlike existence, your dreams are subject to the intrinsic whims of your imagination. So what is consciousness or reality for that matter but a stubbornly persistent illusion?  For we live as in a dream, when one is dreaming, many times he does not know it, but upon waking the world is far more real for it contains both the trance like dream estate of the mind and inhibitions that are genuinely associated with raw emotion. We tie our emotions and feelings to that which seems most real and beneficial, yet even those things we love most can turn against us and be used as a weapon if we perceive them passively, as rights to be had not gained. You've noticed how even the most pleasant odor can lead us to recoil if associated with a particularly unpleasant experience eg. rum mixed with anything for me.

   When God says something to us on paper, we get a flavor of His personality but it is merely a strong aroma, a wafting scent that dissipates as soon as our mind and focus gets shifted to the world. Like white letters on a white canvas you have to select the paper and fill it in with a color, preferably a dark contrast to the white to make it more clear. more clear to your tastes rather than His that is. Yet you will not find this just by staring at the white paper. That to me is likened to searching for the divine among the finite. What is divine is woven into what is finite like a glove a mesh net of strong substance for to me it is likened to air. For example if one were to break a bone like I have when I was riding a dirt-bike a few summers ago and was in a cast for some time, I was appalled by the condition of my arm and the stench after the cast was removed. Dead skin cells, opaque, white unhealthy looking skin, muscle loss, obscene and abnormal hair growth, this was all merely a reality of the removal, there is not an act of decision whither the arm does stink or not, it is merely a product of the circumstances. Cut off the oxygen supply and it will stink. This is similar to sin, many times it is not apparent, like casts covering up broken bones - (broken hearts, feelings, and consciousnesses) it may seem like all is well on the outside, but remove those cast and crutches and the stench will come out, the decay exposed, and only then the oxygen supply will be renewed and regeneration occur. This can only occur by the Divine working of the holy spirit in our very lives.

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