Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The fall of Lucifer, our present estate and the rescue mission for all mankind.

     As you know, I have made a vow never to give you information that could potentially alter your destiny. Your path is yours to walk. That being said, Lucifer is the most dangerous adversary the Trinity ever faced. He is brilliant, ruthless, and he will not hesitate to kill every single one of you.....

    Did you defeat him?

    At great cost, yes


    My only sons life. After Lucifer deceived everything and everyone I held most dear, He boldly entered into My presence, seething "My loving king, if you judge me for my crimes, my insubordination how then do you allow mankind to get away with this gross act of highest treason?, they all like me have turned away and despised you" He was right. No general act of amnesty could pardon the guilty. Punishing an angel although pure in nature would not display the full depth of love. Angels are more ancient and majestic in creation than man, therefore in the order of creation man has been made a little lower than angels yet an angel could not be representative of the Godhead who by definition is "Love". The very position of one Lucifer avowed to have would have to take the sword, the one who had none no wrong, would have to be the propitiation for all wrongs. If I did not plunge the sword into My dearly beloved son then My nature of deep compassion could never be fully understood: A decree was sent out: The second person of the immortal trinity My own blessed son would become incarnate, lighting the form of a earthly vessel -finite, bound to created time and space-limited in sight and physical ability.  His manifestation of all consuming glory power and infinite might, that which was worshiped and adored by myriads of angels, would need be forsook and abandoned all in order to rescue humanity from its self-imposed desperate plight. This wonderful blending of deity and humanity would stoop down among the devil possessed, emptied of all powers in order to experience their deepest afflictions and physical agonies. Bound to its fate and curse, to its biological degradation, he would carry the sins of the whole world, be crushed, afflicted, despised and punished. Such an act would cause the greatest stir of compassion within His being but such a refusal in acceptance of this act also stir the greatest offense against that compassion bearer. At the moment before the incarnation--all of hells darkness was shoving back shouting "no, no we don't want that, we don't want him!" They did everything conceivable to resist it. Yet I dropped him anyway right into a world of blackness and despair. 

     Calvary was Lucifer's Waterloo, he was aghast a tender compassion could stoop so low, yet it was only then he realized he never could be all powerful because he lacked all semblance of humility. The one thing he overlooked was grace. Grace was not granted to him or his angles; it was a foreign concept to the son of perdition. We see his character traits on display today throughout the world today: greed, malice, envy, power. It all started so innocent, just a snake and a woman in a garden. A question? Why not? a manipulative pitch, a cunning lie, single indulgence, a bite: desire and curiosity overcame rationality; My spirit departed mankind, the genetic code was altered, poison now entered the bloodstream, perfection, now tainted, preceded this pandemic pratfall, perpetuating throughout the genetic line of all mankind. Millions of lives and souls thrown into bondage, thinking themselves free, masters of their own destiny, they are in fact following the wiles of Lucifer himself, bound to his curse, indeed one cannot serve two masters, there can be no neutrality in the matter of a relationship to God, if we are not for him we are against him. Evil is a mere absence of light and God is light. Through opposition to God, Lucifer brought a curse upon himself. I never cursed mankind yet by pride alone it renders a curse, Lucifer became the sworn enemy of humility, thus by mans pride alone it renders him a friend of the devil; the heartache, pain, misery cannot be measured by such an ill fated choice. Listen, My pity for Lucifer remains, ye he folded and went all in to a poker game on a cosmic playing field with eternal consequences at stake, gambled against all he knew and once loved, yes, even Lucifer once loved me with a  holy love, until power and greed corrupted, and all he once held dear was was lost along with his paradise. Being the creator of all the hosts of heaven, it was never my original intent to create a Devil, Lucifer was a unique and beautiful creation, who being lifted up by reason of his superlative beauty and brightness, renounced his allegiance to the most high and by a free act cut himself off from fellowship with the blessed trinity, thus changed his very nature--from lightbearer of divine glory to an adversary and thus a Devil. Indeed, nothing becomes less like God than the very one who aspires to be God. My, but of course Lucifer's  best trick is convincing men he does not exist. Yet many should realize If this lie held clout, there must be someone to carry on his devilish work which was never so evident as in the world today. Man does not know the breathless heights of perfection from which Lucifer fell, we only know that he carried such perfection with him into darkness. Like our own freedom his freedom was reverently respected by the action of the Godhead. Because the gates of heaven were thrown open to his efforts, it became possible for him to go to hell. Because he could win, he could also lose, In this supreme test the Devil did not only desire to win heaven but to ascend and be like the most high, thus he freely and deliberately turned his back on it, now haunting the halls of hell because he so chose.  

 "Satan; so call him now, his former name 
  Is heard no more in heaven; he of the first
  If not the first Archangel, great in power
  In favour and pre-eminence, yet fraught
  With envy against the Son of God, that day 
  Honored and by His great Father and proclaimed
  Messiah, king anointed, he could not bear
  Though pride that sight and thought himself impaired
  He resolved 
  With all his legions to dislodge and leave
  Unworshipped, unobeyed, the Throne Supreme
  Contempuous!" -Paradise Lost

    Being thrown down into the second heaven, he found his way into the garden, inhabited a serpent through cursed methods and wrongful usurpation.  Through his angelic nature and agelessness he was himself immune to pain, to injury, to sickness to death, even immune to the human discomfort of being crowded, like a phantom he has no body there are in him no parts to be dismembered, no possibilities of corruption or decay, immune to the limitations of flesh. He knows only the Most High could destroy him and alas I will not! not now, he is on borrowed existence, a fate awaits him! Indeed no one becomes less like the Trinity than the one who desires to be the Trinity, to be blessed and partakers is holy ambition, to exchange and propitiate position by means of power is an egregious act. One that caused the composition of the Trinity to be forever altered, what form the son of man took before He decided to become human will forever be made confidential until into the Trinity's presence they become fully known. These immortals whence became mortal when their eyes became averted from me, soul and spirit separated from body, nakedness was now a shame where once it was a glory, every pleasurable desire whence once was good, sex, wine, love now becoming restrained no longer, due to the insertion of the virus it could not abound in moderation. Who can know their wickedness now. It is like a damn pent up, if released, these super desires would be uncontrollable, if not for the restraining power of the Holy spirit now permeating the earth. The spiritual force which first came by water in the flood, then by water and spirit at My sons baptism now restrains by spirit. 

     Our humanity is the garment My son wears in heaven, while pining away on earth never once was the presence and power of Lucifer's hoards doubted. My beloved son, He was there, with me at Lucifers great rebellion,  when the heavenlies were shaken, familiar with his fall, being present in the dateless past. Some labeled him "the great exorcist" and his very presence terrified the devils hoards, at whose command they were compelled to leave their tortured victims.  They trembled before him, yet did not love him, they incited others still to deny him. They are the real workers behind the humans idols, which are by themselves a mere nothing. Ever since their deposition by that divine decree they have been anti-God in all their activities, even now that doubt lingers not as they work against me. having once dwelt in heavenly presence they have no doubt as to my sons being and sovereignty. Dreadful punishment awaits these angels transformed into evil malignant spirits and demons. At the moment of the choice, when they became what they are now, they were once prime and golden pieces of creation, not laden with gross matter, yet they lie under the ruins of their fall, angels tumbled down from heaven and Divine goodness could not vouch to catch them, yet now because of My sons work, when man tumbles and looks up divine goodness holds out a hand to lift him up, mankind by my grace is made for another world, the efficacious blood of my son avails for those of human blood which angels have not, he was not incarnated into their likeness the sacrifice was only made for sinners lost and ruined by the fall, he did not come to convert fallen angels, , but to destroy their empire.  

    The second member of the trinity is here interceding for their much maligned souls daily, with nail scarred hands and pierced side rending his battle scars of victory on full everlasting display. Through his grace and selfless sacrifice all who now believe in him take in essence are partakers of Our very divine nature. For stooping lower than angels at the moment of incarnation, it now allows those accepting of him to be brought to a glory even greater than the angels. His work in saving sinners, defeating the devil and abolishing sin gives rise to a new revenue of glory for the Trinity. Thus by praising the Trinity like celestial hosts who leaving their station before the throne of God at the moment of His birth and speeding downwards from star to star hovered over the stable in fixed adoration of their king of glory, who dwells in the everlasting light, now divinely abiding within helpless babe. The host was in anticipation of the triumphs he was about to win, men saved, death destroyed, the devil vanquished, creation redeemed gave vent to an overflowing effluent praise "Glory to God in the highest".

       "Human life has always been lived on the edge of a precipice. Human culture has always had to exist under the shadow of something infinitely more important than itself" -C.S. Lewis

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