Saturday, December 6, 2014

The wordly value system vs a better way

        The more you contemplate how we live, you see reality for the shallowness of what it is. We think it exists to satiate our every pleasure, those ever elusive constructs of self gratification always seeking something we cant fully understand or describe. Every time we think we breach the pinnacles of what our worldly value systems deem as success and happiness, it eludes us, like sand trickling out the gaps of our clinched fists. We look to athletes, movies, famed actors, somebody or something that is just, a cut above the rest, either in physique, athletic ability or intellectual capacity. I can attest to these feelings while watching the high school all American game today, 90 players hand picked to perform on a national stage at the alamo bowl as coaches, scouts and people analyze abilities such as vision, strength, speed acceleration, ball security and quickness, that are categorized  into a rating system followed by nervously waiting,hoping they bring their talents to their team.

       Now for example, if I could suit up for the Seattle Seahawks in the case Wilson goes down, rush out and  take a few quick snaps, people would vehemently despise me. I'd miss hot reads, fail to identify blown coverage's, toss a couple picks, absorb some punishing blows. Because I'm not prepared and I' m not NFL quality. I didn't make the cut. That's okay, that's why they get paid millions.  My value to them was insignificant unless I thrilled with spectacular play.

       Johnny Manziel set hearts aflame around the nation with his seemingly supernatural abilities; this kid was like james bond juiced on adderall, he did things on a football field that make you question whither what your seeing was real or alcohol induced. these are the kind of qualities we look for, these innate gifted abilities that if you are so lucky enough to attain people will love and dote on you because you are just that much superior to the simple peons that live in poverty. This is the same Spartan ideology that Hitler lived by, kill the weak genetically inferior breeds of ethnic minority, save the superior race of strong, blond haired blue-eyed Germans. These are the very ideals that this great teacher in history, commonly know as Jesus opposed when he walked the face of the earth. That which made him unpopular, he hung out with the sick, the weak, the prostitutes, the failures, the dropouts, those that were deemed unworthy of life itself, the people that everyone was subconsciously sort of waiting around for them to take their last wheeze in order to rid themselves the trouble of dealing with the particulars of their pithy, pitiful existence. This is simply the world we live in today, those many that seemingly bring absolutely nothing to the table.

     Picture an NFL scout recruiting a feeble old grandmother to start for his offensive line; we'd all think he'd lost his marbles. you need a 300 lb beaser for that position - she'd get killed. That value system is based  on a particular prototype contributing in a set sysyem. There's another value system out there,  not based on what you can bring, it's what someone better can bring us. It's not a religion based off what you have to do to appease some powerful deity or ritualistic behavior to achieve inner peace, it's different from every other set religion or moral code out there. This is why there is so much pain in the world today. Because the majority of those out there are narcissistic to a degree, even the most honest, hard working individuals are not completely altruistic at heart.

       Yet Pain is an important part  of this life, it weakens us from the illusion that all is well in this world and awakens us to embrace the reality that pleasure and security can actually be a hindrance to our happiness by promoting apathy, self indulgence and ingratitude, for the simple things that could bring us joy get glossed over by being too self assured; pain reminds us that if this world is only here for our happiness alone then we got fleeced because it can be quite intolerable.

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