Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Amarillo to The Grand Canyon

       I woke up in an abandoned parking lot near a target location at the crack of dawn feeling seep deprived and uncomfortable, Darien was draped over me in the passenger seat like a rug and I struggled to regain my sense of bearing. I was in Amarillo Texas. I picked up Darien late last night. She's with me now, I'm half-awake; that's the sun piercing my window with blinding light. I am in a parking lot--Okay, yes, I've peiced enough together. Time to remove Darien's legs from my my body and transition to the drivers seat. This was not well forethought I mused. Starting the engine with Darien still asleep like a log, and snoring like one too, she'll hate me for this, but it was like a melodious symphony, both nostrils complimenting each other with faultless precision. I was amazed. Well I'll let the lil' angel sleep I presumed her stress level was less than mine at the time being. I found a Starbucks logo nearby, and realized my dire need for caffeine. I purchased a venti 6-shot Americano and upon arriving back slid the key into the ignition while glancing over with some surprise to see Darien awake,glancing at me like I was some sort of phantom menace. Kyle? where are we? almost to New Mexico sweetheart, and by the looks of it--along ways from home. I hit I-40 west soon after and sped off toward Albuquerque. I had been here before, flashbacks hit me once I passed the NM border. I was on this very same interstate 3 years prior driving westbound from Pennsylvania, where I had spent a brief stint working..It seemed like just yesterday..I had no idea what the hell I was doing with my life or where I was heading. I was my ships own captain, navigating the waters of uncertainty; many times those waters involved enormous swells crashing onto the ship, and me bailing water to stay afloat..

       Upon arriving in Albuquerque, I stopped at a chevron and re-routed towards Phoenix. Darien was on the phone still dealing with people calling, having no idea where she was or why she left. After awhile I decided to let Darien drive, which seemed no big deal at the time, until she got behind the wheel. I thought my mother's driving was bad, every time we passed a semi my life flashed before my eyes. Stress anxiety was at a high.I grabbed the wheel occasionally for sanity purposes. She wasn't really that bad I was just single mothering, feeling paranoid. I transitioned back to the drivers seat and after several intellectually stimulating conversations involving reincarnation, religious views, and the meaning of life we rolled into Flagstaff, Arizona. Nightfall had fallen and the cold was bone chilling we discovered as we stepped outside. Feeling the  need for more warmth we purchased a cheap blanket at the Family Dollar. A comedic moment ensued as were standing at the purchase counter. I mentioned how I was missing my blanket and how amazing it was, I got it at Bed Bath&Beyond,--"don't worry I'm straight" (he gave me a funny look) "yeah I was just there to get a loofah" Darien couldn't stop laughing and kept mimicking, "I'm kyle I get my blankets at bed bath&beyond, Im not gay, I just got a loo-fahh", apparently I butchered the pronunciation of loofah to loo-faw, anyway, she sure got one helluva kick out of it, we got back to the car and I spent the next 30 minutes clearing out a hole in the trunk so we could sleep more comfortably. It was an exercise in futility however. We bumped heads, knees and gouged the small of our backs repeatedly, I took a knee to the chops on one such occasion. I don't think I've laughed so hard in my life. I considered popping the trunk and just letting our feet hang out. I was folded up like a lawn chair smothering a Darien shaped pretzel. We were lame and unashamed. Later in the night I was roused from sleep by the  freezing cold, Darien was shivering and saying 'brrr' shit, this place is an igloo I thought, our breathing condensation coated the windows. I grabbed my sweatshirt, which she accepted with relief. Around 6 I crawled into the drivers seat w/o cracking a door and found my head under the steering wheel, face down, ass up, thats' the way we like it, okay not the last part, but after some struggle and transitioning, a starbucks break that involved a shave and hair wash in the men's bathroom, we were soon on our way again. We were like Bonnie and Clyde. 2 rebels without a clue. We zoomed northbound toward the Grand Canyon,,

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